Charles & Partners has a long history using Reckon software packages both online and offline and are proud to be a Reckon Professional Partner.

Reckon is broken up into three main areas, Reckon One, Reckon Accounts Hosted and Reckon Accounts Business range with all three catering to different clients and businesses. 


Reckon One - It's time to get excited about your accounting software.                                      

Reckon One is an online accounting software package built for everyday small or medium business owners.


It's a simple and easy to use program that allows businesses to:

 ·         Pay Employees ·         Claim Expenses
 ·         Invoice & Bill ·         Charge out your time
 ·         Connect to the Bank ·         Manage Jobs


Reckon Accounts Hosted - The power of desktop accounting. The magic of the cloud.

Accounts Hosted is a comprehensive online accounting solution that lets you run your business from anywhere on a PC, Mac, or tablet. You can rely on Accounts Hosted to keep track of all your finances, inventory and payroll, and use its superior reporting tools to make smarter decisions for your business.


Up to 200 licences supported   Online BAS lodgement via SBR 
Offline and online capability  Process credit card payments 
Designed for Mac, iPad, Android and PCs 100+ customisable financial reports
Windows 10 & Microsoft Office compatibility ABN Validation    
Pay bills & track expenses Payroll and employee management 
Prepare BAS and track GS Estimates, quotes and job costing    
Customised invoicing Multi-currency
Import, reconcile and track bank transactions     Advanced inventory and reporting functions
Automatic Bank statements (BankData)  Multi-company reporting


Reckon Accounts Business Range - Desktop accounting for Australian businesses

The Reckon Accounts range is the most functionally rich accounting software on the market with over 25 years of development.  From taking care of day-to-day accounts, to more complex business management it's got something for any sized business.


Desktop Range

Reckon Accounts Accounting

Reckon Accounts Plus

Reckon Accounts Premier

Reckon Accounts Enterprise

Reckon Point of Sale


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